Along the Promenade by Justin Merriman

Daren Johnson, 64, busks on Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2017 along the promenade of the Loudoun Street Pedestrian Mall in Winchester, Va. Johnson, a retired school teacher and former supporter of Hillary Clinton, is exhausted by recent elections, but will vote in the upcoming gubernatorial election. Being uninsured and relying on a free healthcare clinic he cares deeply about the state of healthcare in America. Read more about this story in The New York Post

Band-O-Rama by Justin Merriman

Brandon Hackimer warms up on his trombone backstage prior to the Band-O-Rama concert at North Hills Middle School on Thursday evening, March 3, 2016. North Hills School District celebrated Music in Our Schools Month with free student performances by the high school and middle school bands.

Mac Miller by Justin Merriman

 Mac Miller stands outside of Arsenal Lanes after hosting a bowling day Thursday as part of his ‘Homecoming Weekend,’ a celebration for the launch of his new album GO:OD AM.

Slim Forsythe by Justin Merriman

Slim Forsythe, 58, is photographed at Nieds Hotel, where he lives and performs, in Lawrenceville on Wednesday evening, Sept. 2, 2014.  Forsythe who works in the city's budget office has lived a colorful life, having worked as a lawyer, a self-published author, a volunteer at Mother Teresa's House of the Dying in Calcutta, an anti-nuke protester, a school bus driver, and many other endeavors.  On Aug. 29 Forsythe was inducted into the America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame at a ceremony in Iowa. To read more about Forsythe visit the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.