Marriage Equality / by Justin Merriman

U.S. Senator Robert Casey, right, meets with Nino Esposito, left, and Roland Bosee Jr., second from left, with members of the media at his office, Downtown on Friday, Nov. 13, 2015.  Esposito and Bosee, a couple who have been together for 45 years, have been prevented from obtaining a marriage license.  The two entered into an adoption to secure basic rights, but now with marriage equality across the country, the couple is hoping for the courts to annul their adoption so they can get married. Sen. Casey sent a letter to Attorney General Lynch asking the Department of Justice to issue legal guidance that would encourage state courts to allow these adoptions to be annulled so they can obtain a marriage license. In Pennsylvania, such a move could be considered incest and is punishable by ten years in prison.