Treasure Hunter / by Justin Merriman

 Dave Hawley stands in the Heinz History Center's exhibit "Pittsburgh's Lost Steamboat: Treasures of the Arabia." The exhibit features some of the nearly one million objects he found on the locally-built steamboat that sunk in 1856 on the Missouri River near Kansas City, Mo.  The Arabia was found in the late 1980s by Hawley and his family with many of its contents perfectly preserved by the oxygen-free environment 45 feet below a cornfield.
Heinz History Center CEO and President Andy Masich, right, holds the 158-year-old jar of pickles  as Paula Andras, collections technician, center, holds a light and Dave Hawley, left, takes a photo on Thursday, June 12, 2014.  Hawley and his family discovered the lost riverboat 45 feet below a cornfield near Kansas City, Mo.