Emil Winter's Grave / by Justin Merriman

I was driving through Allegheny Cemetery in Lawrenceville on Wednesday evening and was intrigued by Emil Winter's mausoleum. The Egyptian style caught my eye, and seemed a bit odd for a Pittsburgh cemetery. At a closer look I noticed the sphinxes and thought it was even stranger. What an odd choice of design to have mark ones grave for all eternity. A little more into on Emil Winter...he died in 1935. He was president of the Workingmen's Savings Bank and Trust Company and head of numerous other companies having to do with metal production. He had a large plant in Austria for processing magnesite ore, financed the Harsgirg process for producing magnesium from the ore, and introduced the Ottobriede process for seamless steel tubing into the United States. He was one of those who formed the Pittsburgh Steel Co., whose plant was at Monessen. His mortal home, "Lyndhurst" on Beechwood Boulevard in the Squirrel Hill part of Pittsburgh, was as grand in its way as the tomb is, having been built first for William Thaw and greatly remodeled for Winter.